Concealer Palette
Why we love it
  • Variety of concealer and corrector shades for every skin tone
  • Your secret weapon for a flawless makeup finish
  • Beauty sleep in a makeup palette
Corrector shades:

Yellow: Neutralises dark/blue circles
Lilac: Neutralises yellowish discolorations and heavy dark circles
Green: Neutralises redness and broken veins
Pink: Covers freckles
Rose: Neutralises pale, greenly circles
Orange: Neutralises bluish circles and corrects moles on dark skin tones
White: Highlights along the brigde of the nose and underneath the eye brows
Brown: Define and contour the face shape (on the sides of the nose, forehead, underneath the cheekbones, center of the chin)

Keep the palette closed after use, to avoid drying out.
The ZOEVA Concealer Palette is the ultimate secret weapon for a flawless makeup finish.

With the spectrum of 12 high pigmented concealer colors, every woman can create her own custom-blend shade to match her skintone. Use one of the 8 correctors to hide any discoloration, dark circles and spots.

This palette includes a ZOEVA concealer brush that makes application even more easy and helps you to modify the coverage intensity from medium to high and to blend the products easily.
Content / Ingredients+
1 Makeup palette with 20 concealer colors.
Palette size: 23.0 x 10.3 x 1.2 cm
Pan size: 2.6 / 3.6 cm
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Concealer Palette
“ Nobody is perfect - but you are perfect for me! ”
Product-Code: C20A
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